Couple on the wheel while waiting at a railroad crossing with a train passing in the background Downhill mountain biker in the middle of the forest Father with little son in a child seat on the bike Mother with two children while cycling on a road surrounded by tall flowers

Passeier Valley Bike Route: active holiday in South Tyrol

Bike-lovers will find themselves in the perfect place in the Passeier Valley during their holidays in South Tyrol. The Bike route through the Passeier Valley has been constructed and signposted to an exceptionally high standard. The route network is very close to nature and predominantly covered with grit and gravel. As a bike rider, you'll be accompanied en route by the river of the Passeier Valley, the Passer. The cycle routes don't actually pass through the villages of the Passeier Valley, but they are very easy to reach should you wish.

Mountain bikers also get their money's worth in the Passeier Valley. Whether up towards the Timmelsjoch, across the alpine pastures or on the Hirzer high plateau, their exertions will be rewarded at every turn.

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