Small waterfall in the forests of Passeiertal Closeup of two hikers on a fenced footpath A squirrel on the ground in a clearing in the forest A couple on a hike in the middle of a sunny forest in Passeiertal

Walking in the Passeier Valley

Walking in the Texelgruppe Nature Park means walking through fragrant mountain meadows, watching frogs spawning in the various ponds, admiring the eagles and falcons in flight and simply being at one with the nature of the Passeier Valley. You'll also see some of the higest mountain lakes, wild brooks, glaciers and waterfalls. The Merano High Route, which passes through 100km of the Texelgruppe Nature Park, is great value for getting an overall impression of the area.

We organise weekly walking tours for guests of the Königsrainer apartments, where your host Uli Königsrainer will show you around his native area. Even if you're here to explore the Passeier mountain landscape on your own steam, you can take advantage of this unique experience of nature.

Walking in the Passeier Valley will help you to forget all of your day to day concerns.

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